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Paternity Attorneys in Ogden, Utah

If you are an unmarried biological father, it is important to protect your rights to your child and establish yourself legally as father. If not, you run the risk that your child will be adopted without ever even receiving notice. If you hire us we will act quickly to make sure we do everything possible to make sure you are recognized as “Dad”.


If you are the unmarried mother of a child with a father who refuses to support your child, it is important that you file for paternity to establish a legally enforceable support obligation and custody order.


Even if a voluntary declaration of paternity was signed, it is important to establish paternity with the court so that you can address custody and visitation. It is also important to your child that you establish paternity.


Doing so entitles your child to both parents’ social security insurance benefits, inheritance rights, and veteran’s benefits.


Let us help you understand your rights and your obligations to your child so that your child can grow up with two parents—what your child deserves.

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